Monday, June 15, 2009

Two years later...

Two years ago on this date, I wrote on this blog "Having a nightmare and can't wake up!". I have been fortunate in this difficult journey to be surrounded by very supportive friends and family, and to have an employer and co-workers who are kind and compassionate. Without them, I would most likely be in pieces. The nightmares come and go... And you just never know when they will be back. I guess this is a particularly difficult time as the anniversary of Tony's death is just two days away. That, coupled with the fact that everywhere you turn there's ad and talk about father's day... Tony passed away on father's day. I can't help but wonder how the boys feel about that. I'm almost afraid to ask! Yes, its true... I'm afraid to ask! I should be ashamed. ONE DAY AT A TIME. I must always remember and never forget. Anything more can, at times, be overwhelming.

On a positive note, Mathieu will be graduating from primary school. The graduation ceremony is this coming Thursday, June 18th. FYI, primary school ends after grade 6 in Québec. High school actually starts in grade 7, or what we call Secondary 1. I am quite proud on Mathieu... He has worked very diligently in the last few months to bring up his grades; working with tutors 4 to 5 times a week. This year was not easy for him... but he - like his father - is a tough guy and won't let FAP slow him down. FÉLICITATIONS Mathieu!!!! Je t'aime.

Tony would be very proud of both his sons. They have come through these first two very difficult years during which we have lived through many turbulent times - mourning, moving, surgery, teenage hormones, etc. - and have grown and mature into fine young men. A fine tribute to their Dad! He would be so proud!

Well, that's it for now.

Take good care!