Thursday, October 1, 2009

Minister Bolduc is on the right track... I think!

Hockey season is in full swing and my taxi duties have resumed. Both boys are playing double letter hockey this year. It should be interesting... Mathieu is into his 2nd month of high school... So far, so good. Rich is in secondary IV and is (mostly) mature beyond his years. Something for which I am at times grateful, and other times worried.

I spent a few days in Quebec City this week. I volunteered to help the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada as they were organising a parliamentary breakfast in the National Assembly to promote awareness for colorectal cancer, the need for a screening program and 3rd line indication treatment. I met the wife of a local celebrity - Boule Noire - who died of colorectal cancer the same year as Tony. We shared stories... It was tiring and fueling couple of days. I met interesting people and hope to help the association put together an event in the West Island of Montreal to promote awareness. If all goes well, the event will happen during colorectal cancer awareness month, in March 2010. All that needs to happen between now and then is for me and you to raise the required funds, i.e. $20,000 or so. (Anyone wishing to sponsor or donate, please don't be shy...)

Honestly, I went to Quebec City hoping that the Minister of Health (who was one of the speakers) would announce the province's new colorectal cancer screening program. It didn't happen... However, Minister Bolduc seemed quite supportive of our cause and noted that he wanted to ensure that proper testing guidelines were in place before any program was launched and that they had to ensure that health institutions and centres were properly equipped and prepared to perform an increasing number of colonoscopies without insufferable delays. This is a good thing... As long as these problems are addressed without any further delay... Time wil tell! For now, I will give Minister Bolduc, the time to sort these things out. No sense in getting a positive screening test result and not be able to get a colonoscopy for 12 to 48 months (depending on where you live). If that were the case you'd be better off not knowing!

So for now... We'll let our friend Mr Bolduc figure these things out. But we will be keeping an eye on the situation and will certainly not forget about the need for a province-wide screening program.

Well, there I go again... getting carried away. I really must go to bed. Hope I haven't put you all to sleep with all the ranting...

Take good care!


P.S. I've actually already bought my first Christmas gift!!! Now let's just hope it'll keep 'til Xmas!