Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring has sprung... and change is in the air

Call it a bold move, maybe done in large part on a gut feeling, nevertheless, I've gone and done it... I bought a house. I visited one house and just had to have it! It is within walking distance of the boys' schools and close to many good friends. It will make life simpler - and it is newly renovated. Only Richard's room will need to be repainted - it's now lime green!
Purchasing that house was the easy part. The difficult part will be leaving the home that we shared with Tony. I try not to think about that too much. The time will come soon enough. I've hired a friend of mine to help freshen up the house so that it is ready for sale. So far, he's redone the ceilings and repainted the walls in the dining room and living room. He's replaced the light fixtures in the kitchen and the dining room. The kitchen is the biggest eye-sore, so I've ordered a new counter and bought tiles for the floor. Hopefully that will help. I'll be replacing the bedroom doors and the light fixture in my room. My room will also be repainted. I've had a homestager come for a consultation. Her recommendations were all things I had already thought of. I have a lot of decluttering to do. YUK!

I get possession of the new house on my birthday. I wanted to ensure that we were moved in before Mathieu's surgery - the date of which has yet to be determined. It'll will be after the school year. So I will be working until the end of the school year and will then be off until September so that I can be there for Mathieu. I am still on a progressive reinstatement program and am working 3 day a week. I should be full time in May.

Well, I should get back to my decluttering... Lots to do.

Take good care everyone.



Anonymous said...

Bonjour à vous trois,
FÉLICITATION pour votre nouvelle acquisition.C'est très beau et ça m'a semblé chaleureux.J'ai bien aimé le modèle.Je crois que vous apprécierez le changement.Ce sera un nouveau départ et vous le méritez bien.Donne-moi de tes nouvelles et à bientôt j'espère.
Vous êtes dans mes pensées.
Huguette xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee

The new move sounds great. It will be great when the boys can walk to school. You will be really busy with the move and work etc.

Lots of love and take care.

Tom & Amy

Anonymous said...


Looks like a nice house. It is a great Birthday present!

You will certainly be a busy lady for the next few months!


Anonymous said...

You are full of surprises Renee! You are certainly right that it will make things easier for you, Decluttering in a pain in the butt, but boy oh boy, will it ever feel good later!
Spring is a time of renewal; I think this is a good move. Take care.