Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well, it seems all the terms and conditions of the offer have been fulfilled and my house is now sold! As I have already taken possession of my other house (and am renting it to the previous owers), I'm delighted. Now I can go shopping... Well, actually, I should really start packing as we are moving in 8 days! YIKES!!!

Three more days of work and I will be off til school start again. I was just sort of getting back into it and getting my self-confidence back... Oh well! My family needs me and I need them, so that is where I will be.

Mathieu's surgery is scheduled for June 17th, the anniversary of Tony's death. I told Mathieu it was a special day and it meant that Daddy will be there to help him through this. So will I... As promised, I will be sleeping with Mathieu at the hospital. My Mom, family and friends will be holding the fort for me at home.

I'm very lucky to have family and friends that I can rely on. I know Tony has something to do with my good fortune. He is still taking care of us.

Well, that's it for now.

Take good care!



Anonymous said...

Hi Renee

Great news about the house. You must be going round in circles with all the activity. How do you manage to do it all.

Lots of love to you and the boys.
Take care
Tom & Amy

Anonymous said...

WOW Renee,
You certainly will have a busy summer. Keep up the good faith.
Enjoy your new home.
Thinking of you often.


Anonymous said...

Hi Renee,
Congratulations on the sale of the house! Your boys are lucky to have such a formidable mom. I wish Matthieu good luck on the 17th. You are right: Tony will be there for all of you on that day. Love and best wishes, Linda xx

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the house sale...sounds like you're moving along quite positively, as you should. Keep up your spirit Renee it will all come together for you just as it seems to be doing. I think it's very curious indeed that Matthieu's surgery should fall on the 17th of June , one year to the day. Tony is absolutely watching over you all, without a doubt.
I wish Matthieu all the best and if there's anything we can do,we're here. lol Julie and Harry

Anonymous said...

sorry for spelling Mathieu with an extra t, oops.