Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello Again!

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. Richard is the one who told me I should update my blog. He's so sensible that one... He certainly doesn't get that from me.

The boys' football season has come to an end and with it comes a bit of reprieve for me. I no longer have to drive them each to 2 or 3 practices a week or attend games that took up both Saturday and Sunday afternoon. We only have hockey for now. Don't get me wrong; the boys really enjoyed their football season and so it wasn't even a question of doing it or not... Its just nice to get a bit more time for the regular stuff - cooking, groceries, housecleaning, laundry. Gosh, I never thought I ever say anything like that. Oh well... I have had to readjust since Tony passed away. He was such a great help around the house. But I feel that things are getting better; I don't feel quite as overwhelmed as I did just a few months ago. I'm sure Rich will be pleased. He's so much like his dad in that he loves everything to be in its place. You gotta love him. Mathieu and I on the other hand, did not inherit the "tidy gene". Poor Rich.

The boys and I will be travelling to Belfast to see Tony's family in December. Rich and Mat are very much looking forward to it - as am I. I think it will bring things "full circle" for me in terms of grieving. Its a big step... Going back to his beginning. Some days I think it will be wonderful, and other days I'm scare that it will be too sad. I guess there is no sense in worrying about it - whatever happens is going to happen and worrying ahead of time won't change a thing! Sorry - I'm getting phylosophical.
I've been trying to get back to the gym so that I can look and feel my best for the Holidays. Its a struggle, but I'm determined. Only 25 lbs to go... Ouch! One day at a time. I'm back at work and have started training for a new position which will allow me to work part-time (3.5 days a week). That's about all I can handle right at this time.
Well, that's it for now.
Take good care!


Anonymous said...

Bonjour à vous trois,
Je constate que vous avez été très occupés avec le football et le hockey.Je suis contente d'apprendre que tu travailleras avec un horaire réduit.Je t'admire d'avoir autant d'énergie.Donnez-moi de vos nouvelles et à bientôt
Gros bisous


Anonymous said...

Hi Renee

Looking forward to seeing you and the boys when you come over.

Lots of love
Tom & Amy

Anonymous said...

Hey Renee,

Welcome back to Blog Land! I missed your notes. Glad to hear things are coming around for you and the boys.
Glad "N" is able to accomodate you and you can start to work 3.5 days a week.

Take care.