Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fun-filled Weekend

Well, the boys had a fun-filled weekend... We visited my aunt at her cottage and they swam in the Rouge River as the rafters went past. They slept under a tent on the beach, they learnt a new card game, they met and threw a football with a former national kick-boxing champion; and that was just Saturday. On Sunday we paid my Dad a short visit and then stopped in at my cousin's. The boys were out on her boat tubing... They even tried water-skiing, but didn't manage to get up on the skies. It probably would've been more fun if their nervous Mom hadn't been on the quay constantly asking "Is he okay?". They wound it down with a bit of fishing and then we ordered pizza, ate and made our way home - exhausted...

Yesterday, Mathieu started his day camp; it's a nature camp and they get to learn about and feed all sorts of animals. Of course, he didn't want to go on Monday morning, but when I picked him up he said it was really "cool!". Thank goodness for that!
Tony is forever on my mind. Last week Mathieu and I visited the cemetery because I had to approve the draft of the plaque that is being made for his pedastal. Mathieu then asked to go visit his Dad; so we did. It was sad. We cleaned his pedastal with "Wet Ones" I had in the car and shed a few tears. I miss him terribly but I have to remember not to let myself be engulfed in those sad thoughts. I have to be thankful to have known such a wonderful man.

Well,that's it for now! I have to go do the dishes (at times like these, I really miss my mother-in-law...).
Take good care!



Sharon said...

Renee, sounds like the boys had a blast and what a great week-end, weather wise. I know how terribly hard and sad it is for you, but like you said "what a Wonderful man to have known and loved. Yours was a very special one, not too many people have that in this life.
Tony will live on forever in Richard & Mathieu
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

I hope you remember me. I am Maureen and my husband Reynold has recently passed away (a little over 3 weeks ago). We are friends with Greg.He is amazing and I am sure a great support to you and your family. I can relate totally to your feelings and emotions. I find strength in your words only because I know I'm not completely crazy for my feelings. They say that time heals all wounds - I just want to feel better. I hope you find peace. I can see the love you and tony had for one another in your pictures. Maureen

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee
So glad the boys had a great time last weekend. We loved the photos.
Thank you for letting us know how you are getting on through the blog.
We know that you are going through such a hard time and we really admire your strength and courage. You, Richard and Mathieu are in our thoughts and prayers every day.
Anne & Brian.

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee

That was a really busy weekend. The boys must have really enjoyed it.

Thinking about you.

Love Tom & Amy

linda said...

Hey Renee,

I just got back from Maine. The house we rented was right across the road from Cottages in the Lane so I thought lots of Tony and also of Dad. Nothing but happy memories in that place. All my love, Linda xx

Anonymous said...

I've been away in France so have missed out on a lot of the really ghastly weather we have been having here! I really understand all of the efforts you have been making to make the holidays good for the boys - I hope some sunshine has helped you on the way.
Love and kisses Helen and Graham