Monday, September 17, 2007

Terry Fox Walk in Memory of Tony

We were over thirty strong wearing our special Tony t-shirt and walking in memory of our Tony. The sun was out and the sky was blue... it was perfect. I must admit that I was a bit relunctant to see so many people... gathered in memory of Tony. These days, when I don't feel strong, or feel I can't even fake a smile, I usually retreat to my home and stay away from people. I'm really glad I didn't on Sunday. Although I wasn't quite myself; and I probably won't be for a while, I was there and I did it - "one step at a time".
Thanks to the whole Enbridge team and their families for participating. A special thanks to Denis, Todd and Mario... "Richard" would have been extremely touched by all the attention and effort you put into the event. You're a great team and "Richard" always enjoyed going to work... I can see why!
Michele, my sister-in-law, told me that the memorial service in Belfast went very well and that many people attended. Although the boys and I could not be there, I did wake up at 6 a.m. and looked at my alarm clock and thought of you all. I was touched when Michele told me that there were over 150 people in attendance. Thank you...
The boys are doing well. We were back at the hospital for Richard's wrist this morning. I was thankful that they did not need to reset it. We have to go back next week for a follow-up. And, this evening, Mathieu played what was his last soccer game of the season. Now we move on to hockey... not to mention football that is still in full swing. Of course, in between all these games and practices, we have to squeeze in school days and homework. No rest for the wicked!
That's it for now...
Take good care!


Anonymous said...

Hi Renee

I have just seen the photos of the walk.They are really good. As you know the memorial sevrice went very well, especially with so many people being there.

Good luck to the boys sports and I hope that Richard's wrist heals quickly.

Lots of love
Tom & Amy

Linda said...

Hi Renee,

It looks like a wonderful day. All of these celebrations of Tony's life are sure a testament to how loved he was...but you already knew that, didn't you? I hope Richard's wrist heals quickly. I know how frustrating it is for active boys to be stuck on the sidelines. We are always thinking of you.

Love always,
Linda, Henry and Hannah

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee,

From the photos it certinly looks like everyone had a great time at the walk and is truly a great testamonial to Tony. I wish I had met him. Hope your sons' wrist heals quickly and that there are no more unfortunate accidents for either one of them.

Take care- thinking of you!


julie said...

hi Renee ,Richard and Mathieu,

still reading your blog and checking up on you every so often, I'm glad you continue to let us all know how you're doing. I think it's wonderful you did the walk and brave of you to see everybody like that. The boys look great as always except for Richard's wrist... but hey the photo's cool ,
take care, julie and harry

nikki said...

hi guys congratulations on your walk for tony. I was at the memorial service for tony last week and it was a most beautiful and wonderful celebration of Tony's life.Jean and Richard were so dignified under the most extreme heartache of losing another child, Michelle gave a really touching eulogy for her 'little BIG brother' she was fantastic, Luke done the readings really really well and only 14, I'm sure Tony would have been so proud. There wasn't a dry eye in the room when we were shown photos of your precious life with Tony with Forever Young being sung in background by Michelle's neighbour it was beautiful. I'm sure you know all this Renee but I just wanted you to know that my whole family are always thinking of you and the boys. Hope Richard's arm heals with no probs. Take care and God Bless from Nikki and Hugo McCullough