Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We're still here...

Cuba - March 2006
We spent the whole morning at the Children's Hospital. I wonder if they have a frequent visitor card that gives rebates on coffee or something... Mathieu was seeing the neuro psychologist to follow up on this concussion, and Rich was seeing the orthopedist to re-evaluate his knee situation. Next time, I will do two separate trips... They do tend to get each other going; and over three hours in a hospital is just more than I could handle today. I had to come home and have a nap.

On a good note, the doctor recommended ultrasound therapy for Richard's knees. Hopefully that will be helpful. As for Mathieu, he seems to be on the mend - if I can get him to take it easy for another few days. They just don't realize that this is hard on me too because they're just not quite their jolly selves when they don't exercise. I think I'm over-compensating for that at the gym. Monday I jogged 5km, did about 45 min of weights and was on the eliptical trainer for 30 min - mind you, I've been eating like a mad woman since... What's the point? Hopefully tomorrow will be easier - all around!

I was mentioning in my last post that my girlfriend had said that I should dive in and face my grief... Well I have both feet in the wading pool; for some reason I'm afraid to drown if I dive all the way in the big pool. I suppose there must be more than one way of doing this; grieving, I mean? I'll have to discuss this with my therapist. Hopefully, she'll make me feel sane. It would definitely help.

That's it for now.

Take good care!



Anonymous said...

Hi Renee,
Glad to hear that the boys are on the road to recovery and will be able to start up with their sports.
Heard you visited Novartis last week. Keep up the Good Spirits.
The article in the Canadian Living was beautiful- Linda must be pleased as well. It will be inspiration to many who are going through similar hard times and will help create a greater awareness for colorectal cancer.
Take care,you are in my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Renee....Believe me there is many ways to grieve and which ever one works for you is the right one!...big hugs,Karen