Monday, October 22, 2007

Flowery Fall

The weather is just beutiful for the end of October. Flowers are actually still coming up in the middle of fallen leaves. They're the bulbs that my father-in-law planted last spring. We didn't think we'd see any flowers this year as none came out during the summer...

I raked the leaves this afternoon and when I asked Mathieu to help me bag them, he thought it was much more fun to play in them... I'd rather he play with leaves than watch TV, so the leaves have yet to be bagged. I hope it doesn't rain tonight or tomorrow!

I am happy to report that football season, playoffs and all, is officially over. Thank goodness for that. School and hockey will keep us all busy enough. Hopefully, Richard will be on the ice within the next two weeks. He should get his cast off on Friday and maybe some physio.... I can't wait; and, needless to say, neither can he! In the meantime, he is attending practices and games to feel like part of the team.

Thanks to everyone who sent comments. Don't be shy; keep them coming!

That's it for now...

Take good care!



mom said...

Hi dear
I just read your last posting-
Beautiful pictures-beautiful boys!
Since I speak to you on the phone I forget to read your blog-it's good to see you still keep up with it-you write well and take great
photographs-maybe a new career for you!!! You know I admire you and all your talents so much...and those athletes of yours-I'm sure their dad would be so proud-
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee,

Your Mom is right- You take excellent pictures and write so beautifully.
Are we ever lucky with the weather so far. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we will have a very mild winter as well!

Good luck to your hockey altheles.

sue said...

Bless you...and yours. You have been through so much. I am sorry and praying for all of you. Sue

julie said...

hi Renee,

My God y'all are busy!!! I'm happy to hear Richard will be getting his cast off soon, I know I couldn't stand a cast on me, clausterphobic, or something.
The boys look fantastic in the photos and I look forward to seeing some pics of your helicopter ride soon. Are they going out for Halloween? Harry is again. He says he'll go out as long as he can until someone tells him he's too old and then he'll dress up but not ask for candy. Poor kid.
I've been very busy myself working at two jobs but I'm enjoying it and making some money too. Although the more I make, the more I spend, but at least I'm having fun.
I spoke with Sharon and we thought it would be nice to get together with you for dinner or a night out , so think about it and we'll be in touch.
It's good to read your blog , I'm glad you're still posting.
I know you have lots of people but if there's anything you need...
don't hesitate.

love julie