Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Survived Mat's 12th Birthday Party!!!

For those of you wondering... yes, I did survive Mathieu's birthday party! I had 13 kids at the party Friday night and 10 slept over. I have to admit I had my mom and some girlfriends over as well for moral support and might have indulged in a glass of wine... Everyone had fun and no one overslept!
As for Mathieu's appointment at the surgical clinic; believe it or not, I showed up 24 h late. The appointment was scheduled for Wednesday. Obviously, I did not transcribe it properly when I bought my 2009 agenda. Luckily, our surgeon was nice enough to see us anyway - after everyone who actually showed up on the right day. Mathieu is doing just fine.
He will be seeing the dermatologist in February to confirm that he still needs a mole removed. He has small birthmark-like spot in the back of the neck and she seems to think that it has grown in the last year. Because he is a higher risk for skin cancer, she wanted it removed last summer when they removed his colon. Mathieu was worried that he would have pain in the back of his neck and his belly and wouldn't be comfortable on his back or any other way so we decided to postpone that procedure. They will likely remove the mole during his next scope as they scope him under general anasthesia.
We have a busy week ahead. Mat's in a hockey tournament and will be playing both Tuesday and Thursday night. Both boys have a training session at the gym tomorrow night and Rich might have hockey on Wednesday. I haven't looked as far as Friday yet... it'll come soon enough.
I actually prepared dinner tonight. It was past 7 pm when we ate, but it was the first home prepared meal in a week. Tomorrow's dinner is practically done already, so things are looking up!
I thought of Tony quite a lot this weekend. He passed away 19 months ago yesterday. It still seems surreal. I wonder what advise he'd have for me now!? I feel a bit lost and empty. And I'm not quite sure how to fix it! Time!!! I know... But I'm not that patient. I guess I'll have to learn to be and but on a brave smiling face in the meantime.
Well that's it for now!
Take good care...


Anneke said...

Hello Renee, Glad to see that you and the boys are doing well. It must be great to see Mathieu having so much fun with his friends. I was wondering if having had the surgery has had any significant negative impacts on his social and sports life, as the surgeon wants to operate on my 14 year old son with FAP. His latest biopsy shows low grade dysplasia. I would appreciate hearing about the ups and downs. Thanks, Anneke

Renee said...

Anneke, Mathieu was swimming in the review the day after he was released from the hospital. He got back to his soccer team about two weeks after surgery and played both football and hockey in September. He still wakes up once a night or so to go to the bathroom, but probably because he (we) are not very careful of how late he eats... Sorry for not responding sooner. Good luck! Renée