Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One day at a time - TAKE THREE

All things considered, things went very well yesterday. Mathieu was quite calm going in and walked in to the surgery room all by himself. The surgery lasted 7 hours and was very successful. They did not need to do a temporary colostomy bag. Thank goodness for that!

We spent the night in the recovery room and were transferred to the floor at 5:30 am. Mathieu is now sharing a room next to the nursing station with a baby and finds it quite noisy. I've asked to have him transferred to a private room so there is a possibility that that might happen this afternoon. In the meantime with the anasthesia having worn off and the fact that he slept a good part of the night, he did not use the pump they gave him to self-medicate for pain. When I left him 5 minutes ago after having pressed the button over and over again, he seemed to be sleeping comfortably. Don't worry, the pump will only give him as much as he's allowed. The nurses and pain management team reassured him that he can press as much as he wants to.

Well, I'll get back to him now. This afternoon they're going to try to get him to sit. The next thing will be liquids - probably tomorrow.

That's it for now...

Take good care!



Anonymous said...

Phew. Glad to hear it! Call me when you get a chance!
Love Karen

Anonymous said...

Renee thankyou for posting the info, I'm happy for you all that he didn't have a temp. bag... seems he's got through very well indeed. Mathieu you should be very proud of yourself indeed. take good care. all our love, harry and julie xoxoxo

Amanda Comeau said...

I'm glad that things went as well as you could have hoped for. At least the surgery is over, which I would think was the scariest part (especially waiting for the day to come and having it constantly on your mind). Now he can focus on recovering and moving on with his life and doing things boys his age should be doing. Keep us posted and take good care of yourself!