Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rocky road; but smoother ground ahead...

It was a tempestuous weekend. Mathieu spiked a fever of over 39 on Friday afternoon and his abdomen was very tender and started being distended. The did blood tests and sent him for an x-ray. They thought it was either a blockage or a leak. The best thing to do was for Mathieu to get mobile... But he didn't want to. Finally, at 11:00pm they insert an NG (nasogastric) tube down his nose. This is hooke up to a machine that suctions the liquidsébile from his stomach. They needed with three nurses to do this while I held his hand. He wasn't a happy camper and told me that this was going to cost me big time. Such a negotiator. Over 3 cups of fluids were extracted in the first 12 hours.

Saturday afternoon, my sister Nicole came from Ottawa with Greg and the kids - Scott and Annie - and that was a very welcome diversion. I managed to go home to take a shower and brought Mathieu back his own pillows. When I came back he seemed determined. He told me that he had managed to stand by himself and had taken a short walk. He did not, however, want to do his breathing exercises. His fever spiked again around dinner time. But he told me he wanted to walk. I figured Greg or someone must have spoken to him because his attitude changed totally. Maybe the pain wasn't quite as bad. Friday they had unhooked the self-medication pump and stuff... I think it was a bit of a shock to the system.

He is much, much better today, as am I. We both slept better, I think... He has taken a walk and used the inspirometer for the breathing exercises. I told him that we would go for another walk when I finished blogging. His fever was slightly up again as was his pain; so I'll give the medication a bit of time so that it takes effect.

If I get home tomorrow, I'll try to post a photo or two. I figure a shower every 48 hours is not too much of a luxury.

So, I think we're on the path to recovery. Mathieu is very much looking forward to having the NG tube removed and being able to drink, if not eat. Though he may be a bit reluctant to eat at first; but you never know... Hopefully, if it stops draining fluids, they will remove it tomorrow.

That's it for now. I will keep you posted.

Take good care!


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Anonymous said...

Ma chère Renée,
Merci de nous garder informer sur l'état de Mathieu.Je l'apprécie.J'espère que tu vas bien dans les circonstances.Je te souhaite bon courage.
J'admire ton courage.Quand on est une maman,on trouve toujours la force et l'énergie de faire ce qu'il faut.
À bientôt