Friday, June 20, 2008

What a trooper!

Mathieu took two steps yesterday and sat up most of the afternoon playing XBox. Rich came to visit while I went home for a much needed shower. The good news is that his new bowels are working, although we now have to work on his timing... He had his chicken broth for lunch and dinner, are popsicles and drank water and I ran out - on a special request - to get him a slush.

The doctors were doing their rounds when I told Mat that I was gonna go down and get a quick bite. He asked if I could bring him back something. I told him that he hadn't been given the okay to eat yet... so we asked and the Docs said yes. Mathieu made the Doctors wait while he made me a drawing of a pastry he'd seen at the café a few days ago... So, you see, he hasn't lost his appetite.

His friends Tristan, Francis and Michael came to visit with Sylvie and Shawn last night. It was great... Except for when they made him laugh, because that hurt his belly.

This morning they've taken away the morphine pump and the catheter, etc. So all he has left is the i.v. for liquids. This should be coming off as soon as he manages to pee on his own.

I was taking a sleeping pill to ensure that I was getting plenty of rest on the small convertible cot. But, I was informed by Mathieu that my snorring was keeping him up. Needless to say, I did not take my pill last night and, yes, I am quite tired. Thankfully, however, I believe that Mat did get a bit more sleep than I did.

I'm very much looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and making myself a real meal.Well, I have to go... Mathieu is down here with me in a wheelchair and is falling asleep at his computer. You can send him messages through this blog... I'm sure he'd love it.

That's it for now.

Take good care.



Anonymous said...

Bonjour Mathieu,
Je suis contente d'apprendre que tu vas mieux.J'ai pensé à toi toute la semaine,spécialement le jour de ton opération.Cette même journée,Antoine s'est fait raser les cheveux pour LEUCAN.Si je peux, je t'enverrai des photos.
À bientôt.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mat, Well lets be honestu had more fun in Qc city then you are now, but when you get better your welcome to come and visit. No the molson girls will not be present...but fun awaits. Glad to see things are going well... From the Leblanc Family!

Anonymous said...

Salut Mathieu,

Je suis bien contente que tu vas mieux....toute la semaine, j'ai pensé à oui, même durant l'opération de te souhaite un prompt rétablissement et fais nous signe quand tu seras à la maison, nous irons te visiter.

Denise et famille XXXXX