Thursday, June 19, 2008

Slowly, but surely...

We moved to a private room yesterday afternoon. That was a very positive change. We watched a bunch of movies, cause as Mathieu says, the stupîd TV's not worth crap. We managed to get him to roll on one side and then the other. After which he turned to me and said 'You owe me big time'. He'll be a great business man, politician or mobster! He knows how to capitalize on every possible situation.

He still has the morphine pump and the catheter in. He has been having popsicles with no difficulty. So, today, we'll try to get him sitting, if not right up and then they can remove the catheter. He is very afraid of feeling pain. Memories of seeing his father in the hospital probably still haunt him. But we're working through it.

Last night his big brother and Andrew came by to visit with my Mom. It was good. I think they were both quite happy to see each other. And Rich must've been relieved to see that Mathieu looked ok.

Well, I should get back. I came down to the library to get XBox games. Mathieu request 'violent ones with guns'. He knows I don' t allow those... I told him they probably don't have those in a Children's hospital.

That's it for now.

Take good care.


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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Mathieu is doing well. Keep up the infectious good spirits Renee you are a true inspiration to many of us. Enjoy the new home.