Monday, June 23, 2008

You've got to laugh... Otherwise you'd cry!

Would you believe that in the midst of everything that is going on, someone came into Mathieu's room while we were walking in the hallway and stole my wallet out of my purse. They didn't take my expensive purse, the digital camera or Blackberry that were inside. Only my wallet. I only had $40 or $50 in it... And my credit card was practically maxed out... But what a pain! Now I've had to cancel my credit cards, my debit card and will have to get new medicare cards, driver's license, etc. I guess that should keep me business...

Mathieu has had his ups and downs again over that last 24 hours. He has been walking and is trying to do his breathing exercises. He coughs which is good - however it is quite painful for him. The NG tube is still extracting quite a bit of fluid, but it is getting clearer. The nutrutionist came by this morning and they will be adding nutrients through his IV has he has only had a few bites in the last week. Mind you, his weight is only down 6 lbs and they took out his whole colon - I figure that must weigh a few pounds.

We've had a few visitors to help keep his spirits up. Of course, last week Linda was with me during the surgery and Luce visited a few days and even made me a lunch that lasted 3 days, and my forner neighbour and a good friend of the family, Mike - who works at the Children's - also came by. Nicole, Greg, Scott (above) and Annie came by for the weekend. The Covenys have been by on a few occasions with their gang. And, Francis and Michael from the soccer team came last week. This morning we had a nice surprise visit from Sdaos. Mathieu was really pleased to play XBox with Robbie (above) and I was very grateful to Jodie for the coffee.
Well, I have to run to the bank now... See if I can get any money out without my bank card!... And, I have to get some food for my other son... who is at home with no bread... Don't worry, there's plenty of other stuff; but they always seem to want something other than what's there, don't they.
I'm off again... I'll rent more movies for our movie marathon - if the bank lets me have any money that is...
That's it for now. Send positive energy our way. Our supply is running low!
Take good care!

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Anonymous said...

Allo Mathieu,

Nous te trouvons très courageux. Nous ne pouvons pas s'imaginer ce que tu es en train de surmonter. Quand tu te sentiras bien, nous t'attendons pour faire du tube, du bateau, de la pêche et peut-être du (ski nautique si ta mère veux).

Jean-Daniel et Camille