Sunday, June 10, 2007

No better, no worse

Well, the good news is things are no worse than they were last week. The bad news is that things aren't any better either. Tony slept through the weekend and ate very little. Thank god for the meal replacement drinks; at 360 calories a pop, they're keeping him well nurished.

Mathieu has a PD day tomorrow and will hopefully be able to visit and play with a friend as I have to take Richard for an X-ray of his knee. He hurt it in football and aggravated the injury in soccer last week. The anti-inflammatories are helping but the doctor wants to play it safe. So, it'll be a quiet week for Richard (and myself) who will be sidelined for at least 7 days.

That's it for now. Take good care!



Linda said...

I'm sorry to hear that you guys are stuck in this limbo right now. Are the morphine patches doing the trick for the pain? You must have been grateful for the ac over the muggy. It's good that Michele is coming out on Friday. I know she will be great support for both of you. Hang in there kid.
Love, lindaxx
p.s. I have a great massage therapist for Richard's injury if you need one. She was the massage therapist for the Impact and helped Henry immensely a few years back.

nikki said...

hi guys just to let you know all us Toners are still thinking of you. A novena starts here on wednesday in Clonard Monastery Belfast for 10 days, my mum and i will be going every day and Tony will be in our prayers. Good luck for CT scan this week, im sure yous are looking forward to seeing Michelle. Its my son Hugo's sports day tomorrow so hopefully no injuries!! Hope Richard's knee is ok. Take care and god bless from nikki and hugo

KimILGastric4 said...

You and your family are in our prayers. It is hard to realize that a day that is no worse than usual is a good day. Cancer really changes your perspectives about life.

I have added your blog to my blog site list. Please feel free to come and visit sometime.

Kim R. Ellis
205 13th Street
Silvis, IL 61282-1267

Cancer Sucks! Blog

Anonymous said...

Allo cousine,

Un petit message pour te dire que je pense souvent à toi et à ta famille. Je veux te souhaiter bonne fête en retard. Bon courage. Si je peux faire quelque chose pour toi, laisse-moi savoir.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony & Renee

Hope Richard's knee is better soon.
Lovely that Michele is going out for a visit.
We think about you every day and are praying that our Lord Jesus will bless and strengthen you.
Lots of love
Anne & Brian xxoo