Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One minute at a time...

Still pretty much in a daze, but I wanted everyone to know that we will be holding a reception at the Sarto Desnoyers Community Centre in Dorval on Thursday, June 21st after the Memorial Service (approx. 4:30). This reception is intended to be a celebration of Tony's life. He actually wanted a Mexican themed party, but we'll save that for later on...

Tony's obituary appeared in today's Gazette and will also appear in tomorrow's edition (Wednesday).

Thanks for all your support. Take good care!



Paulette R said...

Hi Renee,

My heart stopped when I saw the message from HR. I am so sadden by the news. My thoughts are with you and the boys.

(message to Tony)
I wish you peace on the new life you have just started Tony, one with no pain and no sufferance, embrace your deliverance.

Sandee said...

Renee, my heart breaks for you & the children ... I'm right here if you ever need to vent! Hugs

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking of you all and sending love to help you through the last two days. Hugs to all of you.
Helen and Graham xxx

Anonymous said...


You have been in our thoughts so much especially over the past few days and hope that our love will help to keep you strong.

Tom & Amy

Anonymous said...

Dear Renée,

I am so sorry for your loss, and my deepest sympathies to you and your sons. The service was moving and beautiful, a fitting tribute and celebration of the person that Tony obviously is. I wish your family to cherish the times with Tony and fond memories. I found it helped me to know that there is always a part of my dad which lives on in me and that nothing can take those memories away.
You have shown remarkable strength and courage. In time things will get easier.
When you feel up to it, let's go for lunch and enjoy some of the summer weather.

Kind regards, Hannah