Thursday, June 7, 2007

No chemo today...

Well, I'm afraid there wasn't much good news to be had today. Except, maybe for Tony, that there was no treatment. The oncologist sent him for a chest X-ray. Apparently, the reason why he has been getting short of breath - cause he's gradually been getting short of breath... - is because his liver is inflammed and pressing up against his lungs. The oncologist prescribed a patch for pain so as to decrease the amount of morphine he is presently taking. So we'll give that a try.

Next week we have a ct-scan scheduled and his case should be presented at the Tumour Board on Friday... But I'm getting ahead of myself again. For now, we will manage the pain. And, hopefully, next week, they will come up with a plan.

Tony's sister is thinking of coming for a visit. It will be nice to see her again and enjoy her company. I'm sure Tony will appreciate it as well.

That's it for now.

Take good care!



Anonymous said...

Quelle bonne nouvelle!La visite de Michele fera du bien à toute la famille.Le timbre pour contrôler la douleur fera sans doute une bonne différence.Je pense à vous tous.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony and Renee,

Glad to hear your A/C has been installed. It was so warm today here in Ottawa that even a thunderstorm couldn't cool things down a bit. We're thinking of you everyday and reading the blog is part of our morning routine. Let's hope the patch Tony was prescribed make a difference. It's great that Michele is planning a visit. It would be so nice to see her again, we'll have to come down to see all of you while she's here.

Our thoughts are with you always, Cyn & Ken

Anonymous said...


Je pense à vous tous les jours. Votre courage et votre force pour surmonter les épreuves sont incroyables. Je voulais aussi te dire Bonne Fête en retard.....

Gros bisous,


julie said...

hi there everybody,
sorry to hear about the liver inflammation and I really hope this new patch will help, I've heard it does. At the same time it must be a bit of a relief to not have to undergo the Chemo for a change. I hope you both manage to rest and enjoy the good warm sunshine and the nice cool airconditioning you've had installed.
my love to you both and to the boys
and really Renee if you need any thing please ask.

Hope to see you soon
love julie