Monday, June 11, 2007

No pain... lots of sleep

Well, things are pretty much the same. On the bright side, Tony is not in any pain. He still has no appetite, but is drinking Boost and getting some calories and nutrients. We will visit his nurse at the hospital tomorrow for blood tests. Hopefully, this will not be too long or exhausting for him.

Richard (Jr) had his x-ray this morning, but we won't know anything for a few days. He went to watch his soccer team play tonight. I think they won 10-0. Mathieu spent the day with his friend and came home for dinner. They're both at school tomorrow.

That's it for now. Take good care!


P.S. Can't wait for Tony's sister to arrive... She'll be here Friday!

P.P.S. Must remember to take some photos of something interesting tomorrow to liven up this blog...

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Sandee said...

Waiting for results is brutal ... praying that the news is good *hugs*