Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thankful for pain medication

I don't know what to say, except to tell you that things are not getting better. Tony's liver function is rapidly deteriorating and as the doctor told him yesterday, he is officially jaundiced. They considered keeping him in the hospital, but then sent us home, because this is where Tony would rather be.
We can be thankful that his pain seems to be under control. However, as a result of the medication - I believe - he is becoming more confused. There is not much else to say at this point... I know that most of you will not know what to say; and don't worry. You need not say anything. I know that you are all thinking of us, and I thank you!
Take good care!


linda said...

The only thing I can say is that Michele is on the way and you will have someone to lean on. Take care.


Linda T. said...


You're right - it's very hard to find words. I wish I knew what you needed so I could give it to you. Please, please ask if there is anything I can do for you, get for you, etc. I'll see you tomorrow.

Linda & Ben

Sharon said...

Renee, like I said this morning, what the hell is left to say except, love you all very much.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you and Tony so very much and sending you lots of love.
Anne & Brian xx

Anonymous said...

Allo cousine,

Tu es dans mes pensées. Si je peux faire quelques choses, laisse moi savoir.


Brian Paine said...

Hi Renee, we have been reading your blog for quite a while and you are right, it is hard to find the right things to say. Our thoughts are with you and all the family.
Brian and Sheila.

nikki said...

renee im just back from the novena and i prayed very hard for tony and you all. god bless from nikki mccullough

Anonymous said...

Quoi dire de plus!Je pense à vous tous.Il ne reste qu'un dodo avant l'arrivée de Michèle.Tu auras ainsi un bon suport.Je souhaiterais être une magicienne.
Gros bisous.
Huguette xxxx

Wendy said...

Hi Renée,

I am so sorry to hear that things are so difficult for you now. Take good care of yourself and your family. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Wendy Blue & family

Amanda Comeau said...

You're right Renee, there are no words. Take comfort in your family and friends right now. My thoughts are with you.

Stéphanie said...

Je prie pour vous et j' ai demander a Hugh qui est désormais un ange de s' occuper de vous tous.

Je pense a vous... Stéphanie Légaré xox