Monday, April 23, 2007

Another CT Scan

Although there is no amount of studying in the world that could help you get different results, these tests that Tony has to go through (CT, blood, etc.) still make him (and me) nervous. So much is riding on them, and yet you're just a passenger along for the ride. No control whatsoever. This morning we went to the Vic for a CT scan and blood test. They will tell us whether or not the embolization was a success or not. Unfortunately, we have to wait until next week to get the word from the surgeon. So we'll just have to hurry up and wait; once again.

I must take my hat off to our Oncologist. In a bit of a panic on Saturday night, I wrote him an e-mail. Tony had a fever of 38.3 during the evening so I gave him so Tylenol. Then, I started thinking... (not always a good thing for me!) When patients are on chemo, they usually tell them to go directly to the emergency if they get a fever of 38.5. Well, believe it or not, when I checked my e-mail on Sunday, I realized that our doc had responded to me sometime around 11 pm on Saturday night (bit of a workaholic- but good for us). He said that if the fever persists to go to the ER and d/c (which I take to mean discontinue) chemo. Thankfully, Tony's temperature only went up to 38.1 on Sunday. However, as he had to fast for 12 hours for his blood test Tony opted to skip last night's dose as well as this morning's. He gets really sick on an empty stomach. Because he will be starting another chemo tomorrow, he will most likely stay off the Xeloda until we see the nurse or oncologist tomorrow. In the meantime, I hope and pray that his temperature will not spike again.

I wanted to say THANKS! to my Mom and Dad for the beautiful flowers. They did bring a smile to my face... Also, thanks to everyone for their comments. Stéphanie and Maureen, our thoughts are with you and your family...

Take good care everyone!


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linda, hannah & henry xoxo said...

Renee, I have to are a force of nature! You and Tony both. You guys could give lessons in how to be better human beings. Take care.