Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Keep your fingers crossed

Well, Tony (aka Richard) got his Erbitux this morning. All things considered, it went very well. The risk of adverse reaction is always greater the first time you take a medication. But, so far, so good... We're home and he's had lunch and has just gone to bed for his afternoon nap. I think/hope that the fact that he's off the Xeloda will help in terms of his level of fatigue. Not quite sure what the Erbitux will do... We're told that the most common side effect is skin rashes, etc. As Tony's parents are arriving from Belfast on Sunday, I hope this chemo will be easy on him. Keep you fingers crossed.

I've just had a special request for cheesecake (I guess that's better than poutine)... So off I go to the store! Thank you all for your thoughts and messages. We both appreciate them very much.

Take good care.



Luke Woods said...

Hey aunty renee
i hope that uncle tonys next round of chemo goes well and that erbitux really helps.
bet the boys and Uncle tony are looking forward to granny and granda coming out, eh???
well say hi to uncle tony for me,good luck uncle tony


Anonymous said...

Bonjour à vous deux,
Je vous lis tous les jours.J'admire votre courage et votre générosité à nous tenir au courant de votre quotidien.Ne lâchez pas.On vous aime beaucoup


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Renee, for keeping us up to date.Your normal days seem quite charged. Glad that you will have some company, a couple of Belfast cowboys.
Love to you both.'

Sharon (Cousin) said...

Really glad it went well yesterday, hopefully the erbitux works well and not to harsh. Another beautiful day. Cheescake eh, lucky man. Hang in there everyone. Renee, will call next week to have a talk with Auntie Jean. lots of love.

julie said...

Hey Tony & Renee,
Glad to hear you got your ertibux after all and by the sound of it, a piece of cheesecake too. I just bought a pumpkin cheesecake on special at provigo, 2.99 if you're interested. I'll have some later and think of you both. Keeping my fingers crossed, love to all of you. Julie xoxoxo

nikki said...

Hi Tony and Renee,
I hope you remember me Tony its Nicola Toner( Maureen's daughter) My mum and dad have been keeping me up to date with your condition. You've been having a really rough time I just want you to know that you're in my thoughts and prayers. I hear your sons are super ice hockey players. i have one son Hugo who's 8 years old. I've never met you Renee but you appear to be very strong.Best wishes frm Nikki and Hugo