Friday, April 20, 2007

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Tony is quite tired; and having a hard time accepting it. The chemo, the thing that can make him better, is making him very tired. He was up two hours between breakfast and lunch and had to go to bed. He was up for one or two hours when Mathieu came home from school but had to go back to bed. He is out of bed for maybe six hours a day. It's a vicious circle. How much rest is too much rest? How far should he push himself? Cancer and chemo - particularly - make you a different person physical. While everything else about you remains the same; your body is unable to do what it did before or what you would like... It's not always easy. But he's a fighter and while the tiredness is getting to him, he is, in spite of it all, quite positive.

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mikoden said...

Hi Renée and Tony,

I admire your courage and strenght...and I think of you both everyday. Take care.......Denise XX