Friday, April 27, 2007


Thank God it's Friday! It's been a busy and stressful week. And next week promises to be even busier. But, thankfully, Tony (aka Richard) is feeling relatively well. Of course, he is sleeping the afternoon away and going to bed really early at night; but that's okay. It's part of the deal when you're on chemo. Knock on wood, other than some nausea, so far he hasn't had any really bad side effects.

We're getting ready for Tony's parents' arrival on Sunday. And, Richard is participating in a basketball tournament with his school team. I will be the appointed driver. They play at least 3 games (1 tonight, 2 tomorrow) and could play another 2 on Sunday if they win.

Well, we're off to get the car washed at the Novartis Community Partnership Day Charity Car Wash, so that's it for now.

I wish you all a very good weekend. Enjoy your loved ones... and take good care!



Anonymous said...

Je suis contente d'apprendre que les effects secondaires sont tolérables.Tu auras une fin de semaine très occupée.Bonne chance à l'équipe pour la compétition.Si tu as besoin d'aide, n'hésite pas à me le demandre.Gros bisous à vous tous.


Anonymous said...

hang in there folks! lots of people thinking of ya. gary

Terry said...
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