Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's a "GO!" for Erbitux

Well, our Oncologist called us back at around 7 p.m. last night. The good news he wanted to share is that Tony (aka Richard) was approved for Erbitux through the Special Access Programme. Erbitux has shown good results... So here we go! Now, getting an appointment for treatment is a different story. Our Doc wanted us in tomorrow, Thursday. But, the head nurse says, "No can do!". It looks like its gonna be Tuesday. Tony will keep taking the Xeloda (oral chemo) for now and will have to go to the hospital for the Erbitux as it is given by infusion. That's a bit of a down side. Tony was hoping not to have to go back to the hospital for chemo infusions... ('cause he really really hates it!) ...but what can you do? If it can make him better he's willing to give it a try. Hopefully the side effects will be minimal.

We really appreciate everyone's comments. I think Tony was quite surprised at the responses we are getting. Thanks everyone.


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Sharon (Cousin) said...

Morning, good news. Tony I know how much you hate that damn chemo, but hang in there sweetie-pie, might not be that harsh this time. Anyway, you're a trooper. Enjoy this beautiful weather, try to get outside if you can take a little walk. Renee, this Blog is such a wonderful idea, you're an amazing woman i so admire your strength and courage. Tony is one lucky man.
Talk to you tomorrow. Lots of love
Sharon & Jason