Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring, you say...

Everyone here is doing well. We had a very bad night on Friday. I went to bed late and Tony awoke with a fever and pain on his side that just wouldn't go away. It was painful for him to breath when he was laying down. We tried different pain medications throughout the night (Codeine, Dilaudid, Oxycodone), without much success. On Saturday, Tony decided to give the anti-inflammatories another try - along with the codeine. I don't know whether if that's what did the trick... but so far so good. So maybe his pain was due to desmoid tumours - we might never know for sure... Ah!, the pleasures of living with cancer.
On a good note, Tony is up and around for longer periods of time and his appetite is increasing - he actually had a craving for poutine yesterday. He finished his antibiotics for his abscess - which means he can now indulge himself with chocolate and other milk products... He will be restarting the Xeloda on Wednesday. Hopefully, he will not have any nasty side effects.
Again, thanks for all your comments... they are very appreciated.
Take good care and we'll see you soon!


lrice said...

Hi Renee and Tony,

Question: Is craving poutine a good thing?!
Yes spring is lovely in these parts. We lost power for a couple of hours and it got so cold in the house so fast!
Best of luck with Wednesdays treatment Tony. Fingers crossed and lots of love. Linda

Stéphanie said...

Hello to all of you ... even if I have not called you ... I often think of your family ... and pray for Tony' s recovery. One day at a time is good way to enjoy every minutes. It is also the way i' m trying to live my life since i have found out my little Felix suffers from retinis pigmentosa ... an eye desaese with will make him slowly go blind and is to this day uncurable. But there is hope for the futur ...

My prayers are with you ...

Stéphanie Légaré xox

Anonymous said...

Hi Renée and familly,

Happy to read things are going better. We are all thinking about you and sending positive vibes.
see you soon,
Caroline Richard

Sharon (Cousin) said...

Hey, my good-looking cousin. It just doesn't end does it. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Hopefully the weather will get nicer, and you can get out for a walk. Get some color in those cheeks. Renee, any time you're ready for that night out let me know. Hi Richard & Mathieu. Love you guys
Sharon & Jason

Big sister said...

Hello folks, I am reading the blog every day ( I did not even know what it was until friday ) and keeping my fingers crossed you are all staying well. Less than 2 weeks until til the folks are with you and I was wondering what the boys would like for late birthday presents, any ideas ? or something traditional from the
"emerald isle" ! just kidding Tony don't panic. Talk to me soon
Love always Michele x