Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We'll try again tomorrow

Well, today's treatment just wasn't meant to be... We arrived at the hospital at 7:30 am for Tony's blood tests. His results were satisfactory as he was given the green light for treatment at around 8:10 am. It took a while before we were called into the treatment room because his file hadn't yet arrived. Once in the treatment room, it was a question of which drugs he was meant to get. A quick call to our Oncologist confirmed that we should discontinue the Xeloda and that this first treatment would only be the Erbitux and the next ones would be in combination with CPT-11. An i.v. was started and Benedryl was administered. Then everything was stopped. There had been a problem with the refrigerators over the weekend and the pharmacist was waiting for confirmation from BMS that the Erbitux could still be used because it had not been stored at the recommended temperature. At 11:30 , we were sent home.

I just spoke to our Oncologist's assistant and she confirmed that the Erbitux is okay and that Tony can have his treatment tomorrow afternoon. So we'll try again tomorrow. The Erbitux will be administered once a week for six weeks.

In order to reduce the amount of frustration I was feeling (funny enough, Tony was very calm), I thought of my good friend Happie and stopped to admire the clouds. Thanks Happie!

Take good care!



Big sister said...

Yes thanx Happi. Well tomorrow is another day and the good news that Tony's bloods were ok to proceed with the chemo is to be appreciated. I was walking down by the river earlier and stopped to admire the Cherry Blossom, you have to see beauty where you find it, ( mind you the exhaust fumes from all the passing traffic obscured the smell somewhat but heyho you can't have it every way ) Goodluck for tomorrow Tony I love you so much, and will be thinking of you all day ( again !!)
Michele x

henry said...

Bangor, N Ireland cousins say

Hi Tony and Renee- just to let you know that we send you lots of love and best wishes. You are in our thoughts and prayers every single day
and we are behind you 110%

love, Anne & Brian xx

Kathryn said...

Tony, Good luck today with your chemo.You're in our thoughts and prayers.

Aunt Eileen & Family xxx

Sharon (cousin) said...

Hang in there Tony, at least the sun is shining. If you can take a little walk.

love you lots