Monday, April 30, 2007

They're here!

Tony's parents arrived last night and everyone is in the best of moods... I'm not sure who was most pleased at seeing the other, Tony or his parents. Tony is in good form and has more energy every day. So I'm happy!

Tomorrow we have an appointment with the liver surgeon... we'll find out whether or not the embolization worked. Keep your fingers crossed...

The weekend was busy with basketball. Richard's team did very well. They played four games and only lost one of them. The team that beat them was from Long Island, NY. They were really good. It was a good experience; but exhausting... I'm not cut out to be a taxi driver.

Sandee, I read your post today... Thanks! You are in our thoughts.

Take good care everyone!



big sister said...

Hello gang, good to hear everyone arrived safely. I have passed the news on to all your friends mum and everyone sends their love as per usual. Hugs and kisses Michele x

sue said...

Hi Renee, my name is Sue and I am a friend of Sandee's. I have stage 1V colon cancer. I am on Xeloda and was wondering why Tony was taken off it...? In 2003 I was stage 3-colon - spread to one node. In Dec 2006 stage 1V. I had part of my liver removed Dec. 2006 (got clear margins) along with lymph nodes (few postive). I had 28 radition treatments (lymph node area) and now Im on the oral Xeloda which is not too bad. Please email me if you would like to at

Sandee said...

Renee, I am always reminded of your continued support every time I look at my bear :)
Hang in there Tony, as long as there is life, there is hope!
*hugs to you both*

sharon (cousin) said...

so glad to hear you're doing better. good luck today. way to go richard, basketball was one of my favourite sports. hi auntie jean, uncle richard, talk to you soon.
love sharon