Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Cautiously optimistic...

Well, Spring is here... and with it comes HOPE! - AND GOOD NEWS!! The embolization seems to have worked - it has produced a lot of dead tumor cells... That's good news. To tell you the truth, because we've never really had good news in the last two and a half years, we told ourselves that if there was no progression, that would be great. We weren't disappointed. Tony's tumour marker (CEA level) went down 300 points after the (hepatic artery) embolization. Of course, we are caustiously optimistic because his tumour marker nearly tripled between the end of January to the end of March; going from 805 to 2349. There is still a lot of disease left, but we are moving in the right direction. As well, his surgeon seemed very pleased that Tony is getting Erbitux. He said all the members of the Tumour Board cheered when they heard that the SAP application had been approved. That can only be good, right? Tony will be scheduled for another CT-scan and tumour marker test in 6 weeks time (after this round of Erbitux). At that point they will re-evaluate and decide on next steps.

So for tonight, it's all good. Hopefully our visits to the colorectal surgeon and Mathieu's gastroenterologist tomorrow will also be cause for optimism... Keep your fingers crossed.

And, take good care!



Anonymous said...

Hi Renee and Tony,
Hello from Novartis. We are thinking of you daily, and sending many good thoughts and wishes your way.
Your strength and courage is incredible.
Wishing you the best,

nikki said...

hi everybody glad to hear jean and richard arrived safely, michelle rang mum to tell her and said tony is looking pretty good. mum and dad would write themselves but high tec they do not do!!!! i hope the good news continues especially tomorrow, and that tony has the strength to enjoy his parents being there. take care everyone, god bless from nikki mccullough and hugo

Anonymous said...

Hey Renee & Tony!
We were so happy to read your good news today - let's hope it's the beginning of more good news to come.
Thinking of you always,

Cyn & Ken

P.S. Renee, it was great to see you last week!

Anonymous said...

Pour une bonne nouvelle, c'en est une.Profitez de votre soirée.

Sandee said...

Positive is the only way to be ... you are always in my thoughts. *hugs*

Kathryn said...

We're all delighted with your good news. Hope it just gets better and better!

Lots of love
Aunt Eileen & Family xxx

Sharon (Cousin) said...

Great news guys, really happy to hear. Enjoy this beautiful day and each other.
lots of love

guylaine said...

Enfin des bonnes nouvelles!

On pense à vous tout le temps et on se croise les doigts pour Mathieu.

Guylaine & Richard

nikki said...

mum and dad and everybody are very pleased that you've got good news at last. jean you've to give tony a great big hug from his aunt maureen. lets hope its more good news for Mathieu. take care and god bless from the Toner family

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee and Tony,
I've finally figured out how to send a message - so glad to see some good news recently!
I think of you often Richard and I look forward to the day when I see you here again!
Take care of each other,