Thursday, May 17, 2007

This weather is ... for the ducks

I went for walk today and met this duck... We were the only ones out on this grey and rainy day. I'm afraid my Mallard friend was a bit camera-shy...

Tony (aka Richard) had his chemo today. He was only being administered the Erbitux, so it was a lot quicker than last week. Our nurse, Veronique, was very helpful and encouraging. She spoke to us about exercising and setting realistic goals. Baby steps; and one day at a time... Somehow, the clouds didn't seem quite as dark on our way home.

Tony was feeling relatively well tonight (knock on wood) and stayed up with us for a while. Hopefully, the sun will come out tomorrow and help brighten our day.
That's it for now. I wish you all a wonderful long weekend!

Take good care!


linda said...

Hi Tony & Renee,

It looks like you got your sunshine! Have a good weekend.
Love ya.


julie said...

hi everybody,

I'm happy to read things went well yesterday, I keep my fingers crossed every Thursday for you Tony.
Looks like a sunny day ahead, just in time before you go a little quacky Renee! take care and love to all, Julie xoxo

Anonymous said...

Sunshine came for both of you.Tony is a tower to all.
Happy to hear of Richards football success..Keep it up Richard.
Love to Jean and Richard, thinking of you all..God Bless.

strer said...

Un beau bonjour a toute la petite famille !!Tony tu as toute mon admiration continu a te battre car tu es un rayon de soleil!!!Toute les fois que je coupe tes cheveux je travaille au dessus de ta tete et je t envoie des doses d énergies,ne lachez pas a tres bientot!!!! xxxxxx Izabel