Monday, May 28, 2007

Looking for the sun through the clouds

Today, Tony had an appointment with his oncologist. His Doctor suspects that the abdominal pain and swelling might be ascites. He has prescribed a diuretic, Lasix, (along with potassium pills) and ordered an abdominal ultrasound - which is scheduled for next week. Tony took his first dose of Lasix tonight... and hopefully, we will see some improvement tomorrow. A good night's sleep would also be very welcomed.

The blood tests showed that his liver function and tumour marker (CEA) levels remain very high. The oncologist said that the tumour marker is not reliable because of the damage the liver suffered with the embolization. He will rely on the CT-scan to evaluate the efficacy of the current treatment. The CT-scan is scheduled for mid-June.

On a good note, the good Doc sees no reason why we cannot have family vacation this summer. So, I will have to get on that and try to reserve something decent. It will be nice to have something pleasant to look forward to. Tomorrow, I will attempt to have the A/C in car repaired... Apparently the mercury will be rising to uncomfortable levels again in the coming days.

Well, that's it for now. I have to go wash the dishes... now that my helpers have left :(

Take good care!


Eric said...

A summer vacation is what you both need.I do not feel that I have earned mine yet.
Thinking of you all the time.Sorry to have missed Jean and Richard.
Good luck with the ac,Renee, as it is warming up.
Love to you all,Eric

Anonymous said...

Planning a summer vacation with the family will be really uplifting. Any idea where? Hope you get the AC in your car fixed. Thinking of you all.

linda said...

Hi Tony and Renee,

It was so good to see you both last week. I know you didn't feel great Tony, but I thought you looked pretty damn good considering all you have been through! Renee,it must be a shock to the system to have to face the ugly reality of dishes on your own! Sending you both big waves of positive vibes. Peace.


KimILGastric4 said...

Keep the faith! Cancer is so life changing it is truly scary. There are many people that care and will continue praying for your family. I am still trying to learn how to deal with my gastric cancer. Blogs and online chat rooms have truly blessed my fight against cancer. Take care and God Bless.

Joanne Trépanier said...
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