Wednesday, May 2, 2007

All is well... and clean

I did my tour of the MGH and the Children's today... and all is well with both Tony and Mathieu. Mathieu probably won't have a scope 'til the fall (or later). Things are tensing up a bit around here as tomorrow is the dreaded chemo day. I thought Tony would be getting the CPT-11 along with the Erbitux tomorrow; but that won't be until the 3rd treatment (next week). So far the side effects haven't been too too bad (I guess that's easy for me to say... I'm not the one dealing with them). Tony's had to deal with the usual chemo fatigue and nausea as well as a rash which they had warned us about with the Erbitux. He is still having a bit of pain on his side from the tumours in his ribs, but, luckily, he can control that pain with codeine. So, we'll keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow; and hope that it's an easy one.

I must say thanks to Jean and Richard (my in-laws)! I don't think our house has been this clean since the last time they were here. All the laundry has been done (we've had good drying days), there's never a dirty dish in the house and Richard even cleaned the windows inside and out... It's just great!

Well off I go to get myself ready for American Idol (I know... but I'm addicted). A special hello to all my friends at Novartis - I miss you all! Thanks for the message Claudia!

Take good care everyone!



Sandee said...

American Idol *smile* I'm addicted too!!!!
Are Tony's treatments at MGH?

Kimberley said...

Nice to have an extra set or two of hands around the house! If you run out of stuff to do at your place.... send them over to mine!

Glad to hear the great news, keep getting better!

Kim xox

Heather from Novartis said...

Hi There,

I don't leave messages - but I read everything - and am amazed at ... well, I am just plum amazed at you both.
Keep your chin's up.
.... Oh, and can I borrow your families sometime? They seem amazing too!