Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Here we go again

Today was fairly similar to yesterday, except that it was much warmer (27 or so). Today again, around 6 pm - what I like to refer to as "the witching hour" - Tony's temperature spiked (38). Nonetheless, Tony managed stay up a bit and even squeezed in a short walk.

On our last visit the Oncologist told us that studies have shown a greater survival among cancer patient who keep physically active. So, yesterday I went out and bought a stationery bike. I suppose I'll have to make a go at it myself...

Tomorrow is chemo day... Here we go again! We're back at the JGH for Tony's third treatment. This time he'll be getting Erbitux and CPT-11. Hopefully, the side effects will not get any worse. Keep your fingers crossed.

That's it for now. Take good care!



Anonymous said...

Hi folks. I read from blog every morning and send all our love.
from Amy, Tom and all the family

henry said...

Hi Tony and Renee
We are just back home from Ohio and have been catching up on all the blogs that we have missed over the last two weeks. You are still constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Say hello to Jean and Richard for us.
All our love,
Anne & Brian xx

Anonymous said...

Bonjour à vous,
Je suis de revenu de Québec.Aujourd'hui est une importante journée et je pense à vous.


Sharon (Cousin) said...

Good morning, I'm already complaning about the weather, everyone wants to shoot me. This week-end is supposed to be 17 and Sunny, much better. Glad to hear you went out for a little walk, I'm a huge beleiver in exercise and it's benefit's, not only for the body but also the mind, spirit. Good luck today, hi Auntie Jean, Uncle Richard, love all you guys.xoxoxoxoxo