Monday, May 14, 2007

Difficult weekend

It's been a difficult weekend. After an amazing Friday, when Tony (aka Richard) stayed up most of the day and almost felt normal; the reality came back like a sucker punch on Saturday. Because Tony was feeling good Friday we decided to chance it and invite my Mom and sister up from Ottawa to come say "Hello!" to Jean and Richard (Tony's parents). I knew my sister's spouse, Greg, would have no objections to being the official Bar-B-Q'er. He's a real pro at it! Unfortunately, Tony's fatigue came back full force and he could only stay up for a short while to eat and that was it.

While we don't like to see him that tired, everyone understands the situation. I think he was the one who felt most disappointed. And, that is what is most difficult for everyone around - realising how much this disease has taken away from him and us. To make matters worse, the children had a major blow up late Saturday night; which made me wonder how we will ever get through this with our sanity intact. - ONE DAY AT A TIME - I have to keep reminding myself...

Tonight, Tony was depressed and wondering if he will ever get his strength back. He took two small walks (to the end of the street) today; but had to go to bed as soon as he came back in. The doctor had suggested exercise might give him more energy... but we're not there yet! As I told Tony, after he told me he only wants a normal summer - I think we will have to reinvent normal.

Sorry for rambling on... I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. Musn't forget to mention that Richard attended the Jr Alouettes Football Camp this weekend and was voted most improved "wide receiver" (I believe). Congrats Rich! Luv ya!

That's it for now! Take good care!



Anonymous said...

Juste un petit mot pour dire que je pense à vous.Bravo à Richard.
Bonne journée.

Anonymous said...

Hey Renee,

Hang in there! You're doing great. No word in days of the evil fever. Has it finally subsided?


Linda said...

It's me again. I just showed my colleague the picture of Tony on the blog and she said, "Wow, he's so good-looking!" So there you go!


nikki said...

hi renee and hi tony, lots of hugs and prayers from the toner clan in ireland, well done richard on getting best wide receiver, we think we know what that is! we do pray and hope that you can get some strength back tony, it certainly puts all our own minor problems into prespective! must go as hugo cant find that hamster again! he calls him jeff hardy from wwe! take care and god bless from the toners

nikki said...

i forgot to say a big hello to mathieu,jean and richard from the toners

big sister said...

Hello folks, just checking in again, all is well at this end. Well done Richard on your football, you boys are absolute stars! Tony, I hope you are feeling a little bit stronger today ,get mum to tell you one about the Polish divorce, you definitely will laugh although perhaps not at the joke ! . We send all our love and kisses and i will phone later in the week. Michele x

Anonymous said...

Hi Renée,
Tried to leave a comment yesterday but must have failed to follow instructions. We only want to tell you that we are among the many people holding you and Tony and the boys and all your family in our arms and hearts, wishing you the best and praying for you. Your courage is exemplary and your love shines for all of us to see.
Maureen and Pierre