Thursday, May 3, 2007

Patient be patient

We were back the the JGH today for Tony's second Erbitux treatment. We were there early (15 min.) as Tony likes to be. However, once his blood tests were done and the results were in, we had to wait because there were no available chairs. When he finally got hooked up, the nurse took his vitals and found that he had a slight fever (38.4). The oncologist had to be called and they drew some more blood for cultures. And, repeated the cultures again 30 minutes later. And then we had to wait some more for the Erbitux... Patients really have to have a lot of patience. We got to the hospital at 11:45 thinking we'd home no later than 3:00... and we got home at 5:00.

On a positive note, our nurse said that with Erbitux, from what they've experienced, the bigger the rash the better the results. So I'm happy Tony's breaking out. Somehow, that doesn't sound quite right... but you know what I mean! (I hope...)

Kim and Heather thanks for thinking of us... Hope to see you soon. Cyn and Ken it was great seeing you last weekend. Michele, if you read this... Have a great weekend in Dublin!

That's it for now... Take good care!


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julie said...

It's early Saturday morning and I'm thinking of you Renee. I hope you enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face, I'm sure you will. Enjoy it all. I'd like to send you a big hug and a kiss. love to all, Julie xo

have a beautiful weekend!