Saturday, May 26, 2007

...we all fall down...

There's a story behind this photo... It involves a photographer, two ladies and a broken lawn chair. Need I say more. Michele, Jean or I can tell you the whole story if you're interested. Anyhow, I promised Jean (Tony's mum) that I would post a photo of us... so here it is.

Tony was quite tired today, but managed to BBQ hot dogs for our lunch and got up and BBQ'd the steaks for our dinner. I think he just didn't trust me with all that meat... Unfortunately, he was back in bed before we could finish our dinner.

It was a beautiful day! And a wonderful evening. After a wonderful BBQ dinner, our friends Deb & Gary stopped to say bye to Jean and Richard and we had a nice evening out on the back deck.

Hoping tomorrow's "goodbyes" aren't too difficult... That's it for now.

Take good care.



Anonymous said...

Hey Renee,
That's a great photo of you and Tony's Mom. You both look like you're have a laugh which is nice to see. glad to hear that Tony is doing well with his treatments. We wish your in-laws a safe trip back home to Ireland. See you soon! Cyn & Ken

nikki said...

hi everyone mum wanted me to send a message before jean and richard left, im sure they are gone already but if not each one of you has to get a big hug from tony's aunt maureen and uncle michael. i just wanted to say renee you look beautiful i had never seen you before. i hope to see photos from jean when she gets back. safe journey home to jean and richard and take care and god bless to everyone

Kathryn said...

That month went so quickly, I'll have to catch up with Jean and Richard this week. You're always in our thoughts and prayers.

Lots of Love

Aunt Eileen & Family xxx

big sister said...

Hi guys, just a quick note to say the folks arrived home safe and on time... a little tired from the journey but nothing that a good nights sleep wont help. Thanx for all the gifts !! I look forward to hearing all about you all from mum and dad tomorrow. love for now Michele xxx

Gary Toner said...

Hello Renee
You don't know me and it must be something like 25 years since I last spoke with Tony. I am Maureen and Michael's son (Gary) - my sister Nikki has made some posts here I think. I was speaking to my mum yesterday and she mentioned this site again and that Tony quite liked getting messages, even 'blasts from the past' like this one! I have many happy memories of spending time with Tony and his family (my auntie Jean and uncle Richard as I have always known them), particulary on freezing Easter holidays in Donegal with Tony and I playing football for the kids team against the dads. As I remember Tony was a big Leeds United fan but let's not dwell on that....great to hear your boy is a football star (3 goals - very impressive). I have 5 sons who all love their football (unfortunately 4 of them support Chelsea but c'est la vie). Anyway I wanted to post this to let you know that many people in Ireland (and here in London where I live) are thinking about Tony and his family and I wish you all the very best. The Rafters are a marvellous family and reading this site it is very clear that Tony has a wonderful wife and family in Canada. If there is anything I can ever help you with then please let me know.
All the best,
Gary & Jennie & kids (aka the Toner tribe).