Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday with Mathieu

Mathieu had a P.D. day today - no school - so I didn't have to get up quite as early. That was good : ) Tony and I actually each took a turn at the stationary bike this morning. I was glad to hear Tony say that it was good... I think we might be on to something...

Tony took a walk this morning and a nap in the afternoon. After an early dinner we both took Mathieu to his football try-outs (American football, that is). It was a bit long I'm afraid. Tony has been having abdominal/stomach pain every time he eats. And, the discomfort sort of creeped up as soon as Mathieu's practice started. Stomach pain is mentioned as one of the side effects of Erbitux, however, we will call to the nurse about it tomorrow. It is getting quite uncomfortable; and Tony's not one to complain... As for the fatigue, it is still there, but he is fighting it.

Richard and Jean (Tony's parents) were back from Huguette's (Tony's aunt) when we got back from football. I can't believe this is their last week already : ( Where does the time go?

Well, that's it for now... Thanks to everyone for your wonderful support.

Take good care!



sharon (cousin) said...

Hang in there everyone. Tony you will get through this, halfway there sweeite. Hang on. Renee, your strength & courage is out of this world. Any, any time you need to get away for an evening do not hesitate to call.
love to everyone

Anonymous said...

Hi folks You are all amazing. We are sending our support and love
Tom & Amy xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony and Renee
We've had computer problems and been off line for a week. We got it sorted today and were able to catch up on the blogs. Lots of love and support.
Anne & Brian xxxooo