Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cancer sucks : (

Well, the Lasix had minimal effect on the swelling (ascites). Tony's abdomen is still quite distended and painful. It keeps him in bed most of the day. He gets up to eat, but eating causes him some pain... I spoke to his nurse today and she'll have the treatment room oncologist have a look at him tomorrow. Hopefully, he'll do a paracentesis as - apparently - this is the one thing that would help reduce the swelling and make him more comfortable. Also, it would be good if they could minimize the excess fluid before they inject the chemo... Because, tomorrow is chemo day!

I stopped by work today... It was really nice to see friendly faces... Sorry I couldn't get around to seeing everyone, but I had to pick up the boys. Richard didn't go to football tonight because his thumb hurt too much. He injured it at practice on Monday. I took him to a local clinic after dinner to make sure it isn't broken. Unfortunately, by the time we saw the doctor, the x-ray clinic was closed.

That's it for now... Let's hope that tomorrow brings Tony some relief.

Take good care everyone!



Sharon (cousin) said...

Hi guys, hope Richard's thumb isn't broken (i don't think so). Hang in there tony, only 3 more to go. Renee stay strong, keep your chin up. Sun is going to shine again. Good luck today.
lots of love

nikki said...

hi renee, just a quick note to wish tony luck today. my own son hugo fell today at school and hurt his thumb, thankfully not broken. mum and dad are going to jean and richards on saturday night to catch up. as a nurse i have seen many paracentesis done and it appears to give great relief so fingers crossed it will for tony. you are doing a great job but im sure you need a hug at times so im sending you one with all my best wishes. take care and god bless from nikki and hugo mccullough

Helen (cousin) said...

Hi renee, this is now my third attempt to leave a message - am I really that old/incompetent? I'm hoping you've had some sunshine - here in Northern Ireland we've been blessed with two staight days of warm weather and are getting giddy with the rays. I'll be happy if we lose it but only if I find it has moved to brighten up your day. I am sending love and hugs on the plane with Michele. Lots of love Helen xx