Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The day is almost over...

We were back at the hospital today for Mathieu's endoscopy and colonoscopy. I don't know what I was expecting; I don't think I'd really stopped to think about it... Other than to hope they didn't want to perform a colectomy in the very near future. I knew there would be more polyps; and there were. Mathieu was quiet before the procedure. He managed to guilt my Mom into giving him $25. He was working on me to get me to buy him an XBox 360. Well, I haven't bought one yet. He was very brave and strong and did not complain; except for the fact that he wasn't allowed to eat anything he wanted this evening. He wanted to take the day off school tomorrow so he could eat all day - play catch up, if you'd like. Nevertheless, he will be going to school; probably a bit late - after a large breakfast.. but he will be going!

Unfortunately, the prep was not 100% and the doctor did not get a totally clear view. She said she counted 26 and that there could reasonably be another 10 polyps that she counldn't see. That is double last year's number. I asked if that meant that there could be another 18 next year, or worse if it could possible double again to reach 72??? She says there is no clear answer for that. She will be booking us an appointment with a surgeon to discuss the possibilities and the timing for surgery. She says that they usually suggest doing it before adolescence! Mathieu will be 11 in January. If we want to do this in the summer so that he doesn't have to (possibly) attend school with a temporary colostomy bag, that only gives us two options.

OKAY!!!! I need to remember.... One day at a time. Being able to share this burden with Tony would certainly make this much easier. But I guess I'll just have to deal with it... and remember to do it ONE DAY AT A TIME. Keep busy, keep active, get fit. And, in spite of everything, try to keep sane. That last one might be a tall order... I'll keep you posted! I'm sure Tony would say, "We have to keep things normal for the kids...". And so I will try!

Richard is on the mend. He did the dry land training with his hockey team tonight and practiced with his basketball team yesterday.

Tomorrow is another day! That's it for now...

Take good care everyone.



sharon said...

Mathieu, i hope you enjoyed your breakfast and ate everthing you wanted. Renee what can i say your strength is amazing and yes one day at a time. Try to stick with your work-outs do that for yourself, it will help you deal with everyhing a little better, just make sure you take that time for you. I know Tony is so proud of all of you and watching over and taking care of his family.
Hope you can make it Sat. we'll have a couple of laughs.
lots of love

Linda said...

Sharon is right Renee, make sure you spoil yourself a little every now and then. Mathieu is a brave guy and I guess his bravery is being tested (as is yours). You are all amazing! Everyone loves and admires you and thinks of you all the time. I know I am not alone in sending you big, huge positive thoughts and vibes. Hang is there; one foot in front of the other, one day at a time...
Love Linda