Thursday, November 22, 2007

Snow, snow, go away...

It's way too early for this kind of weather. I am, however, grateful that the boys had school today, in spite of the weather; snow, rain, rain pellets... We saw just about every sort of precipitation possible. And, let me tell you... I'm not a fan! Cuba sounds pretty good right about now!

I had parent-teacher interviews today - for both boys... And, all things considered, I'm pretty happy! They are both doing well. Of course, we'll require a few adjustments, but they are on the right course for a successful school year. It's not all that obvious; and I'm very proud of them. Their Dad would be proud too!

We have an appointment booked with the surgeon for January 9th. We have to draw up a list of questions for him. Most importantly, Mathieu wants to ensure that any surgery will not interfere with his football or hockey season. I tell you, my son sure has his priorities straight!...

Next week, Richard should be lacing up his skates for the first time this season. He will just skate around for the first few practices as it is only 5 weeks since his cast came off and they said 6 weeks. I think the games will become more interesting for me once he's on the ice; no offense to the rest of the team!!!

Well, that's it for now... Have a great weekend!

Take good care!



Anonymous said...

Dear Renee
So glad you are continuing the blog as we are very interested knowing how you and the boys are getting on. Love the photos!!! Glad that Richard is almost better and will be skating soon. Very impressed that you are working out at the gym.
Best wishes for Mathieu's appointment in January. Hope the central heating is fixed real soon--judging by the snowy photo it must be very cold.
The three of you are on our hearts and we pray for you every day.
Anne & Brian xxx

Anonymous said...

Allo cousine,

Toi tu aimerais que la neige disparaisse mais moi j'ai un gars qui en mange. Mon garçon se promène en motoneige autour de la maison. Je suis étourdie à le regarder. Ha! Ha! Comment a été l'audition de Mathieu? A-t-il eu d'autres nouvelles? C'est vrai que tu prends de belles photos!!
On pense à vous!!

Brigitte, Charles, Jean-Daniel et Camille