Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunny Sunday

It was sunny and very cold today. And, as my heating system is on the fritz, we can feel the chill even in the house. I have had the oven on most of day today. I will have to call a repairman tomorrow. Our heating system is hot-water-electric and the motor will start and stop immediately - constantly. I went down to check and didn't like the smell so I turned it off. I figured I would wait until Monday to call so as not to get charged double time for a weekend call. Thank goodness for downfilled comforters.

I seriously feel like I've taken a step back in my healing process over the last week. I think that Mathieu's visits to the hospital brought me back to a place I didn't necessarily want to go just yet. However, I would do anything to ensure that he remains healthy - even if that means having surgery this summer and me going a little batty yet again. I didn't get much sleep last night, so I'm sure that that is making everything more difficult and dark today. I will go to bed shortly and I will try to counter all of the negativity with a visit to the GYM tomorrow morning!!! and maybe the pool!!!

When we were driving home from the hospital last Tuesday, Mathieu heard an ad on the radio for open auditions and asked me to call to get him an audition. So, I did. And we went Saturday morning and back again today. He is all keen on becoming an actor. Well, if this will make him happy and get him focusing on something other than all the unpleasantness we will most likely have to deal with in the next year or so; why not. So, I'm looking into getting him some acting lessons. It's all about articulating, projecting your voice, your poise, public speaking, etc. Things that will serve him whatever his chosen career may be in the future.

We spoke to my in-laws this morning and I took photos of the boys while they were on the phone with their grand-parents. Richard was just up... as you can see. I think it was just a little after noon! Teenagers...

Well that's it for now.

Take good care!


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Linda said...

As Roseanne Rosannadanna used to say on SNL, " It's always something." We missed you at Christine's baby shower on Saturday. I hope you had a good evening out. Acting lessons are a great idea! Maya has transformed since she joined the Purple Dragon troupe. Hope your heating is fixed by now. My little words of encouragement for the day: "Stomach in, shoulders back, chest out!" :)