Monday, November 5, 2007

Funny kind of day

It's been a funny kind of day... I woke up to a sunny morning and was quite positive and optimistic, but as the clouds rolled in, my mood got darker... It's probably just lack of sleep. That, or the 12 min. on the eliptical trainer at the gym... Just kidding!

I met with my new personal trainer this morning. Wouldn't you know it, Mary is from Belfast; and her husband is actually from Glengormley (that's where Tony's parents live - I think). That's got to be a sign.

Mathieu has his colonoscopy booked for next week - the 13th. The nurse and I have been playing telephone tag all day. It looks like he will be on clear liquids for 48 hours; my poor baby! We still have to go in for pre-op apparently. So it'll be a busy week. Between the pre-op, the bank, the psychologist, a visit to Hawkesbury, an appointment with my new personal trainer and Richard's PD day on Friday, my agenda is pretty full - and that's not even taking into account the hockey games and practices - or the laundry, groceries, dishes and shopping therapy!

I stopped by the cemetary today and visited Tony's pedastal. I find it difficult to think that that piece of stone is where he is. I just don't feel it! I feel closer to Tony when I look up at the sky... I miss him terribly and trust that he is resting in peace.

Well, enough rambling... That's it for now.

Take good care! And send me some messages... I know you're out there!



Anonymous said...

Hi Renee,

Just letting you know that I check in every so often to see how things are with you. We still have a photo of Richard up in the office here in Sarnia, and it catches my eye whenever I walk by it. It sounds like you had a nice Halloween. Good luck with the gym . . . the most difficult part is the first 3 weeks - you tend to get quite sore, and it seems like it isn't working. If you can get past those few weeks, you'll end up seeing some progress, and you will want to continue going.

Dan Adams

Anonymous said...

Hey there buddy,

I love that you keep the blog updated, and I'm so proud of you for the personal trainer!

You seem sooooo busy with the boys, it's amazing that you can even get anything done at all in the house! When it gets overwhelming, or even when it's not, give me a call and we'll go grab a beer. Maybe a lite beer now, due to the damn personal trainer....

Where can I find Matt's football schedule - I'm sure JJ would love to see his old buddy in action!

You're an amazing family, I just wanted you to know that...


Anonymous said...

Hi Renee

All the very best for Mathieu's operation next week.
How do you manage all the sports activities, taking care of the children, running a house and every thing else. You are a star.
Lots of love
Tom & Amy