Sunday, December 23, 2007

All aboard!

Well, the boys were off on the train Friday afternoon. I wasn't quite sure how that was going to go; for them or for me... But I think it was a wise decision. My brother has kept them busy... They went to see the Senators on Saturday and Mathieu and my godson danced their hearts out for the "Fan of the Game" contest and managed to get themselves on the "jumbotronic".

For my part, I let loose on Friday - had dinner out with friends and their family and went out for a bit. Saturday I got some shopping done; it was crazy at the mall. But, under the circumstances, I think I managed quite well; I was still smiling when I came out! I then had dinner at my friend Guylaine's with her family and parents. Today, I did a bit more shopping to even things out and dropped off a few gifts with neighbours and friends. I then enlisted the help of my friend Denise (she actually volunteered) to wrapped some presents. Being around all those happy comfortable families makes me miss the comfort of my own family... as it used to be.

Tomorrow, I'm off to see my family - without Tony. His absence will most certainly be very apparent as he was always the life of the party and could make everyone laugh. It's quite lonely without him - especially tonight.

Tomorrow will be better - the kids will see to that, I'm sure!

That's it for now.

Take good care!


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nikki said...

renee richard and mathieu i just want to send you my best wishes for christmas and new year! i realaise its a difficult time for you and you are in my prayers! we got home yesterday from a weeks holiday in gran canaria with the ex-husband but it went ok!!!!!! today hugo and i are going to my mums for dinner, they were at jean and richards on sat nite. you all seem to be doing a fantastic job, look after yourselves take care and god bless from nikki and hugo mccullough